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Andrea in Santa Cruz with EJW on his 47th birthday (weekend)

Boswell's Girl at the beach

Haphazard musings on biography 

 I couldn’t resist the subtitle of this blog – but I shouldn’t have used it. My sister, Tia Suzanne, came up with it knowing I couldn’t resist the word “haphazard,” certainly not when it’s used alongside “musings.” And yet what seems like a kindness is actually her habitual big sister control- thing. You see, this blog has to do with life stories, which include not only biography, but autobiography, memoir, oral history, etc. Tia Suzanne felt that this blog focus is overbroad (she’s a former librarian, so she really talks like that).  When I insisted that it was my blog and I’ll be overbroad if I want to, she – irritated that she couldn’t boss me around like when we were kids – came up with this too-narrow but irresistible subtitle.

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